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HSE Policy

To be a safe, Eco friendly and responsible company ACE Offshore & Engineering Pvt. Ltd will:


  • Embed and integrate the HSE Aspects in all its business processes.
  • Proactively comply with all applicable legislation, codes and standards.
  • Implement the best available technology to mitigate the HSE risks as low as reasonable practicable.
  • Provide requisite skill and knowledge through education, training, involvement and motivation to employees and contractors..
  • Considers health safety and environment aspects of its operations to be paramount importance. All its operations shall be planned and executed in such manner to prevent accidents and injuries and maintain health and safety of employees.
  • The company wishes to protect all persons with whom employees may have association during work activities. It is therefore the intention of the company to observe and comply with all statutory provisions requirement of the clients and take any additional measures which it deems fit in the pursuance of safety.
  • Dedicate our self to occupational health and safety management for continuously improve its HSE performance in order to reduce ill health, incidents, environmental emissions and waste relative to all its business activities.